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Welcome to EvilGunZ

EvilGunZ is a GunZ Private server named EvilGunZ:Questiny. Our server consists of getting the best loot you can find and using that loot to kill enemies faster, gain special abilities, be the best and look the best, it’s your choice.

How unique is EvilGunZ?

If you want to know the answer to why EvilGunZ is more unique than any other server, then view the video to the right. We try and develop awesome features for the game, to keep people enticed!

What is a Hunter, Warlock or Titan?

Hunters, you get a unique blade, a revolver and armor that only that class will have. Warlocks, you get the grenades that do special abilities. Titans, you get a unique Heavy machine gun and a battle axe, along with custom armor. This is a new way to experience the game!

FREE EvilTreasure

EvilTreasure is a FREE loot box sent to your account every Tuesday. We do this as we believe everyone should have the chance to get awesome weapons and not HAVE to pay real money. We do sell 1 extra box which has a higher percentage of better items which will cost real money, but this is completely your choice AND all items you get in these boxes are available to obtain in game for free, it just means you get a chance of obtaining them a little quicker, if lucky enough!

The Weekly Nightfall

The Weekly Nightfall is a fun way to get players together, experience tough questing together, gaining awesome loot together and showing off your skills. The Weekly Nightfall is a completely unique way to experience GunZ and there is plenty more Nightfalls on the way to defeat and get loot found nowhere else within the game. Every week (Tuesday) the server will automatically rotate the Nightfall, meaning a new boss and more unique loot!


Green items are common items within EvilGunZ. These can be found within quests by killing the monsters. They are also found in the shop and you can buy them with the EvilGunZ currency. There are loads of common items that can be found within EvilGunZ.


Blue items are rare items within EvilGunZ. These can be found within quests by killing the monsters. These items are NOT found within the shop. They can be found every now and then by killing normal monsters, but also more frequently from bosses.


Yellow items are exotic items within EvilGunZ. These can be found within quests by killing bosses only! They are extremely hard to come by and are very powerful and awesome looking! You will need a team of a few people to help get exotic items.

Top 10 Players