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Welcome to EvilGunZ!
Hey guys and welcome to the EvilGamerZ Community!
You maybe asking, what is EvilGamerZ all about?, well basically if you are, for
example playing GunZ the duel and bored of not having awesome items and
clothing, then you have come to the right place.
What makes us different?

What do you mean by a Destiny based server?

Well we all know GunZ nowadays is a dead game, we want to change that...
We want to create a server that is entirely quest based and everything
you get (That is amazing) whether it is weapons or armour, shows that
you got that by doing that quest. So for example, let's say you do the
Volcano quest, you were previously able to get awesome volcano
armour, that is what we will be focusing on with the rest of the client
this time round. Now you will still be able to get Volcano
armour, but not only Volcano armour, but also weapons
that are pretty much powerful enough to help others
bomb through that quest.We will also be announcing the
first team to complete our new quests and awarding them
awesome items!

You maybe wondering, gosh.. How many quests are there going to be?!, well to be
honest, we will be keeping our previous quests and improving them, making them
longer, harder and fun, with weapons/items that are worth questing for. But also
adding around 2-3 new quests, which will be announced at a later date!

More information along with footage and pictures will be
coming soon, but in the meantime, stay tuned and active
to be the first ones to see what is going on.

What if I hate questing, what if I just want to PVP?

Fair enough, some people hate questing, some people love it. Unfortunately yes we for
those that do not like PVE, we are focusing on that more. But not to forget, the questing
items that you obtain from those quests are obviously able to be used in the PVP area.
Which means you will be more powerful than most other players, getting
kill-streaks like no other 'mofo' has got before!, on a serious note though, over-powered items
are making a return, so PVP can be fun and .... not so fun for some people,
it all depends whether you get them op items from the quests before jumping
in to annihilating players.

Why the bloody hell of all bloody hells have you removed clan wars?!?

Clan wars is good... That's about it... Clan wars is nothing really in GunZ nowadays as GunZ
hasn't enough players for it. We have decided to remove it for now, for the good and allow
people to focus on other things, rather than jumping straight in, looking for a clan and
fighting other clans, that is against anything this new client is about. As mentioned, we
are not focusing as much on PVP this time round. However that does not rule Clan wars out

So, does this mean C6 is making a return?

Kinda.. Basically we want that "Fun" factor again, we don't want to be adding a crap ton
of items in the game that no one will use, like we have done with clients C7 and onwards.
We want a nice clean shop, a nice clean reward system and a nice clean fight.

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