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Hey guys and welcome to the EvilGamerZ Community!
You maybe asking, what is EvilGamerZ all about?, well basically if you are, for example playing GunZ the duel or WarZ
and bored of not having awesome items and clothing, then you have come to the right place.
Welcome to EvilGamerZ!

We at EvilGamerZ believe that you should be playing awesome unique servers instead of something that is crap and quickly put together, we believe we are much better than doing anything like that.
We put time, effort and dedication into our servers and believe if you want a decent server, you must wait for the outcome.

What makes EvilGamerZ Different compared to other servers?
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If you are looking for a unique server that has anything and everything you have been looking for then holy crap, you have come to the right place!
Basically here at EvilGamerZ we provide servers that are not only full of custom content and cool looking graphical effects, but we take time on our servers, therefore you will notice EvilGunZ is one of the best servers to play out there.
Come try EvilGunZ out today and tell us what you think, give us feedback on the forum on places we may need to think about reworking, any information you guys give us for EvilGunZ counts and is noted down.
EvilGunZ Private Server