What makes us different?

Well we all know GunZ nowadays is a dead game, we want to change that…
We want to create a server that is entirely quest based and everything
you get (That is amazing) whether it is weapons or armour, shows that
you got that by doing that quest. So for example, let’s say you do the
Volcano quest, you were previously able to get awesome volcano
armour, that is what we will be focusing on with the rest of the client
this time round. Now you will still be able to get Volcano
armour, but not only Volcano armour, but also weapons
that are pretty much powerful enough to help others
bomb through that quest.We will also be announcing the
first team to complete our new quests and awarding them
awesome items!

Unique Loot System

The loot system is very different to any other server you may have played
before. This is because we have had a look at other games such as destiny
and invented our own kind of system within EvilGunZ. There are 3 types
of loot. These are Exotics, Rares and Commons. More information can
be found by clicking the button below.