– Added individual Loading Screens for each map to add professionalism

– Fixed Quest Drops on certain quests

– Moved the Join,Create,Drop Guide and quick play buttons on the right, to above the chat box horizontally instead of vertically

– Key to Scrider can be found in the Robot quest from the Gunners! (Extremely hard)

– Messages when first entering lobby adjusted

– Fixed problem with shotgun shells not spreading on rare/exotics

– Lightsabers have been fixed

– Added volcano set to drops in volcano quest, these are now exotics!

– Volcano Ring can be found from the Volcano Quest

– Removed AATROX and JAVIAN avatars from drops due to them being bugged

– Removed the MISC tab in SETTINGS, pointless options that never worked and were NOT meant to be in the game to start with!

– Fixed a Minor graphical error in Settings (Macro Button)