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UPDATE 6 – Christmas Update

!!Christmas Update is now available!! You asked for sounds, i delivered... ;) - 32 new custom gun sounds added to exotics and rare items! - Plasma Rifle has been nerfed (The stats we better than some exotics) - Christmas Loading Screen will display until January sometime...

By | December 17th, 2016|EvilGunZ Updates|0 Comments

UPDATE 5 – 01/12/2016

- Added individual Loading Screens for each map to add professionalism - Fixed Quest Drops on certain quests - Moved the Join,Create,Drop Guide and quick play buttons on the right, to above the chat box horizontally instead of vertically - Key to Scrider can be found in the Robot quest from the Gunners! (Extremely hard) [...]

By | December 1st, 2016|EvilGunZ Updates|0 Comments

15/11/2016 – UPDATE 4

- Exotic items have been massively improved - Removed Level needed for certain items - Scrider has entered EvilGunZ - Key To Scrider will now be found in certain drops - Chat box has been added back - Player list has been added back (We will be re-arranging the buttons though in the next update!)

By | November 15th, 2016|EvilGunZ Updates|2 Comments

11/11/2016 – UPDATE 3

- Quest Drops now stay... Forever - Fixed Exotic Swords - Fixed Rare Swords - Fixed Hunter Sword - Fixed Exotic Landmines - Fixed Rare Landmines - Fixed Exotic Rocket Launchers - Fixed Rare Rocket Launchers - Fixed image at top in "My Gear", Displaying incorrect image - Pikachu Mines are back, beware..... (These are [...]

By | November 11th, 2016|EvilGunZ Updates|3 Comments

09/11/2016 – UPDATE 2

- Fixed the drops not going to inventory (BUT 10 hour limits are on as this is not actually fixed properly, still looking into it, sorry guys!) - Ice quest Fixed!, it can only be done by finding Icicles and Ice Stones! - Volcano quest Fixed!, it can now only be done by finding Volcano [...]

By | November 9th, 2016|EvilGunZ Updates|0 Comments