• Respect the Staff and your fellow players.
    This is a game, everyone plays here to have fun, please try to make EvilGunZ a fun experience for all members of our Community
  • Cheating to gain an unfair advantage by using third party programs, exploiting the client, game mechanics, the database, or other bugs are strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.
  • If you find a bug that gives players an unfair advantage, please immediately report the issue to EvilGunZ Staff so that it can be fixed.
  • Threatening Evil’s Crew, the Server, Forums, Staff or Players is a Bannable Offense. We don’t take this lightly.
  • Rules regarding account/item/service trading/sharing/gifting can be found here
  • Harassing EvilGunZ ¬†Staff or other players is not tolerated.
  • EvilGunZ Staff will never ask for your in-game account details, including your password, do not give these out.
  • You are responsible for all actions taken on your account, do not lend or give your account or account details to anyone else.
  • Sharing private information of other people is highly forbidden. (Including but not limited to passwords and IP addresses.)
  • Adding Crew members to any instant messaging service is a privilege. Do not abuse this privilege by asking or requesting for staff positions, items, or any type of modification to your game character.
  • Do NOT request hacks on here, or anywhere else for any game of any kind, ESPECIALLY for our server. If we find out you have done so, you will be permanently banned on the spot.
  • You will not make use of a proxy, VPN or any other software which hides your IP address.

In-game Chat and Conduct
It is forbidden to do any of the following on any Public Chat or Say Channel in-game:

  • Using swear words or other inappropriate language, remember we have young players on here too.
  • Racial and sexual abuse, slurs and inappropriate comments are strictly forbidden.
  • Spamming (undesired, unsolicited bulk messages, repeating the same word or sentence many times to get attention or to interfere with normal operations)
  • Flaming (messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting)
  • Faking tag (or other tags not suitable for players)
  • Asking or begging GMs for free stuff.
  • Asking or begging other players for free stuff – do NOT beg anyone for things.
  • Using any language other than English when speaking to a staff member. (If you do not speak any English then try to find someone to help translate)
  • Talking about or sharing any type of cheat or exploit.
  • Spamming or continuous discussions about cheaters, take a Screen Shot and report them.
  • Settling disputes in open areas.
  • General inappropriate religious, racial, nonsense, inappropriate humor, spam or garbage conversations which the entire server does not have interest in and should not need to hear.
  • Provoking people.
  • Advertising and posting links to other servers with no advertising intended.

Penalties for breaking these rules include being Muted, Kicked, Warned, Suspended or Banned from EvilGunZ servers, subject to reasonable GM

Game Play
The following are all forbidden on our servers:

  • Exploiting bugs or cheating of any kind to gain an unfair advantage in the game.
  • Killing a player for “free” several times. (Swapping)
  • AFKing in Capture The Flag rooms to gain experience without doing anything
  • File editing, this involves editing certain files on our servers which enables exploits.
  • Using and/or sharing third-party programs that give you an unreasonable advantage over other players
  • All Character names must comply with the Character Name Policy
  • Clan names that do not comply with the same Character Name Policy
  • Clan and character names that suggest a connection with the Staff at any level (particularly GM)
  • Any cheat, method or way to attempt to increase or bug your or your weapon,item etc. damage.
  • Any cheat, method or way to attempt to increase or bug your or your Hit Points, AP Points or other stats.
  • Exploiting game mechanics to make monsters not attack you.
  • Making yourself unable to be attacked when you should be.
  • Using macros to spam attacks,moves,etc.
  • Impersonating staff.