Hunter DescriptionWill a Hunter class be suitable for me?
If you choose to be a Hunter, you get a unique blade, a revolver and armor that only that class will have, none of these are in the shop (Also trading them between accounts is disabled).

The Unique Blade is named “Hunter Sword”. This sword can deal significant damage upon its opponents, with just a few slashes of this almighty sword, the opponent will be defeated.

We now move on to the Revolver, this is named “Hunter Revolver”. This revolver can kill an opponent within 2-3 shots, it’s extremely powerful and ONLY the HUNTER can equip this weapon.

The Armour is shown in the picture above.

The hunter is suited to a player that likes to be quick, agile and sneaky.

If you do decide to be a hunter, you are the one on the team that is most likely to attack the spawn points of the opposition, spawn killing with a shotgun or powerful revolver.

Please Hunter… Don’t do this, this is very unsportsmanlike. Though, no one can stop you, after all, the Hunter is a sly class.