Titan DescriptionWill a Titan class be suitable for me?
If you choose to be a Titan, you get a unique Battleaxe, a Titan Minigun and armor that only that class will have, none of these are in the shop (Also trading them between accounts is disabled).

The Unique Battleaxe is named “Titan Battleaxe”. This Battleaxe is extremely powerful. Just one swing can defeat an enemy. There are some disadvantages when using battleaxes within EvilGunZ though, they can be extremely slow moving, feel heavy and can not be used to defend!

We now move on to the Titan Minigun, this is named “Titan Minigun”. This Minigun can cause mayhem… literally… It’s extreme power has the ability to spawn kill 10 enemies within a single round, yep… it’s ridiculous. BUT FUN!!!

The Armour is shown in the picture above.

The titan is suited to a player that likes to defend or kick ass from the begging and on-wards.

Let’s face it… If you decide to choose this class, then you are going to have a lot of fun! We recommend all titans to hold their ground when in a fight, spray the hell out of the opposition with the minigun, until all rounds have been used. Then rush in, get a kill with the battleaxe and then… maybe then… admit defeat?