Warlock DescriptionWill a Warlock class be suitable for me?
If you choose to be a Warlock, you get a load of unique damage/defence grenades and armour that only that class will have, none of these are in the shop (Also trading them between accounts is disabled).

There are a few grenades in EvilGunZ that we only want those selected few to use… The Warlocks that is!… So basically if you choose to be a Warlock, you have around 5 grenades that deal certain damage or defence types.

For example, there is a freeze grenade, fire grenade and healing pills. The fire and freeze grenade deal damage over time when thrown onto the floor and enemies enter this area. The healing pill… Well that’s self explanatory. Plus, they look pretty cool.

The Armour is shown in the picture above.

The warlock is suited to a player that likes to work with their team in fighting the opposition slowly and tactically.

Why not throw a few of your awesome type grenades in, get some titans and hunters to run in, slash some enemies up, get them to come back to base and heal them? sounds awesome to us!